A mini adventure to hometown

Pack Memorial Library 
Basilica of Saint Lawrence
Prayer Wall
Fiber Exhibit 
Pumpkins with my MawMaw

Laguna Beach, CA


 Maroochydore, QLD, Australia 
It's who you're with, not where you go! Xx
 The Sweet Sunshine Coast
Board Store Skate Supply & Espresso Bar 

The Steve Irwin Zoo!

   What I learned on the Island is: surrender. 
Willingly let go, because you are always in
God's hands.


Burleigh Beach, Australia 
Burleigh was a magical little "in between" waiting place. I like to think of 
it when I am in one of those places in life. It was a day we had after Malaysia 
and before Fiji where we could just wander. Actually, my friends slept under a tree,
I wandered, naturally. Burleigh, though the visit was short, means alot to me.
This place taught me that while I wait, to be productive. Dream, and never stop 

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