Asheville Again!

Monday, May 2, 2016

This past weekend in Asheville was a sweet little escape with my boy, 
we got to explore as he hadn't been in forever! While we were there we saw 
Citizen Cope and Post Malone both playing at :)

 Citizen Cope Favorite:


Before I Die, I want to love <3

A Tribute to Loved Ones Who Have Flown Away

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hey Hey, it's been a while!
So much has happened since Christmas. A lot of fun, but also
a lot of real moments. Getting older it seems like death becomes more
and more prevalent. We must take it on because there is nothing else we can
do. Although we can't understand it, and don't have the words to say to our loved
ones experiencing great loss, we can join together and simply be there for one
another. When going through tough things whether it is you or someone close to you
we can look to God and know that when everything is spinning he is still.

A tribute to loved ones who have flown away :

Torie Costa, you were such a gift to everyone you met,
especially those you knew well. I know you are being so loved in
 Heaven but we love you and miss you down here!

Janet McFadden, you created an amazing family
that will never be the same since you are gone.
They miss you, they love you and can't wait to see you
again some day soon.

Betsy Pugh, I didn't know you, but looking at all you created,
you are amazing and I hope to meet you in Heaven.
Your family and friends love you so much.

(These angels who have passed are not photographed here)
Rest in Peace and Thank You for all you did while on Earth <3

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