Questions From Inside A Laundry Room

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Along the East Coast there is a cottage by the sea that tips on a hill. 
The Tipsy Cottage. 
Down the wooden basement stairs into a semi-outside laundry room,
 four questions stare at me from a shelf. 

Now, some would not even notice the questions were there, some would see them, have a thought and then let it fade away, but not me.
 I like adventure and wonder and I think all things happen for a reason, 
yet at times it seems like there’s no reason at all. 
None-the-less, the questions remain.

Do you often mean what you say?

Is your heart in the right place?

What makes a party?

& my personal favorite:

Don’t you belong to the strong sex?

These made me stop and think and that’s the whole point. I don’t know who put them there, but I’m glad they did.

When I speak, do I mean what I say or am I just saying nothingness, to go along with people?

I want to mean what I say and speak life.

Is my heart in the right place? This question assumes that there is in fact a right place it should be in; to which I would say my heart is a work-in-progress. Recently I read something on one of my favorite blogs, Wandering With Mary, where Mary speaks to her heart; she apologizes to it and also asks it to recall certain times "they" had together.

Talking to my heart was something new, something I hadn’t thought of before so I tried it out. Yeah, I talked to my own heart. Doing that reminded me of the quote “Love yourself the way you want someone else to” (I think that’s how it goes anyways.) And it reminded me of the Bible verse Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.” Talking to my heart finally helped me understand this quote and Bible verse believe it or not. Figuratively speaking, your heart deserves so much attention; it is your soul and who you are. If something was wrong with your brain you wouldn’t just ignore it would you?  Don’t ignore your heart.

What makes a party? You do. You make the party.

I love parties, of all sorts and I’ll tell you why. Growing up, I had my own parties in my room where I would dance around, blaring music as loud as I could. I made my own fun and still do that from time to time, shhhh ;). What makes a party is you alone deciding to get up and celebrate. Celebrate life, friends or an actual occasion? Hehe.

Last but definitely not least, “don’t you belong to the strong sex?”  
Perhaps it’s not “which sex is stronger” because that argument is, quite frankly, stupid and out of date.

“Don’t you,” the way the question starts invites you already.

“Don’t I belong to the strong sex?” who would think, “No, I belong to the weak sex?"

I belong to the strong sex of women, and men. This question, to me, suggests to be strong in all I do now and in the future, when I’m with a man or when I am doin’ my own thang', to be strong in all I want to accomplish.

What do these questions bring to your mind? 
Stop & notice the little things, everyday.


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