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Friday, July 3, 2015

There are some things that you just know you have to buy, am I right?
This dress was one of those. I wasn't super obsessed with it, I just had a 
feeling that it would come in handy, and oh how it has. This dress has 
been around the world and back with me, quite literally. The funny thing is, 
it really became my nightgown; it's weightless and easy breezy. 
Y'all, it's from Hollister. That's right, and I never shop there.
This dress has been a constant when I was traveling and reminds me of all the places 
I've been every time I put it on. It also reminds me to look in places I never thought of.
Who knew a little dress could mean so much. 
It was only $20 and lets be honest, polka dots are a timeless classic. 

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